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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Not to downplay your numbers, but 450 WHP & 500 WTQ running 100% E85 with Meth doesn't seem that impressive. Running just an E40 blend (stock turbos, NO meth) I was able to get 428 WHP/460 WTQ (so you're numbers seem within reach by just adding meth to my current setup). Maybe it's just me, but I'd expect a lot more gains with an additional 60% ethanol concentration to free up even more aggressive timing, in addition to the meth stacked on top (cooling your IATs).

***I understand that the stockers are probably you're biggest limiting factor at this point, but like I said, you're numbers are probably realistic on running straight C16
I'm sure a fresh set of turbo's wouldn't hurt, but as you know they just run out of steam. If they would make more I'm sure we would have seen the numbers, but as far as I know no one is making more on stock turbo's unless they are running juice. I'm also hitting 16+ deg advance. But then again, numbers are just numbers and every dyno I've been on reads a little different. It's fun for now, but I really can't wait to get a single turbo even if my transmission can't handle the power. I'll have to save my money for a level 10 trans upgrade.