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Does the N54 run better running E20 / E30 / E40 ?

Yes, there are numerous reports, and the data logs to prove it

Is it bad for your fueling system ?

Dont leave it sit in your tank idle for days, if the car is a DD then you will be ok. Every other month flush out the concentrated E85 by filling up with "oxygenated" race gas that has no ethonal. Make sure to run your E85 mix to less than 10 mpg before filling up

Most important, if you are going to continue to use E85 mixes invest in a flex fuel LPFP for peace of mind

Please keep in mind that Brazil uses E20 fuel in the same BMWs with the same parts, etc. Nothing different

WOT your cars atleast 3 times a weeks

E85 is, IMO, for enthusiast drivers, in these cars, not pimp cool moe dee driving who like to just cruise. If your going to be like this then run regular gas

Just my two cents take it or leave it.