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Errr careful there Davy

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
If you are really wanting to save money on the second car why not go for something much cheaper, some mega cheap deals on diesel SLKs for half of your budget and gotta be easy on the fuel.

Having said all that changing a car to save money on fuel is an often used excuse that rarely works out financially. Once you factor in depreciation and profit someone else is making on your trade in and new purchase it generally would be much cheaper to keep using the gas guzzler. If you truely work out your annual diesel costs in the RRS and the costs in an E350 is it really massively different?
That's dangerous ground you're treading, undermining one of the very best reasons for trading a perfectly good car.....along with;

"lower taxes", "lower monthly payments", "its got a new car guarantee", "its a great deal" and "anyway, ours needs new tyres and a service".

If it had to make financial sense, this would be a Micra forum

But undermine these great reasons and all you're left with is

"because I love that feeling of driving a new car"
"I have an irrational need to change"
"I need another new car fix"
"I can't get that new coupe out of my head"
"I have 5000 burning a hole in my pocket"
"so little time, so many great cars"
"I'm bored with what I have and no longer enjoy washing it"
"we're only here for a short time"
"you never know what might happen"

Now who's going to understand those flakey reasons?