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Originally Posted by MannyS View Post
Car is a year old 2012 with 5k miles.
Doubtful, same thing happened to me, so I replaced the battery at 5 yrs. I kept the old battery, and it is perfectly good. BMW told me the battery is designed to last minimum of 6 years (of course as it would last longer than the warranty).

Just invest $47 in a battery tender, and charge your battery to full, and try it again. I bet you can sit in the car 60 min. + after that.

It is hard to conceptualize that the car is not fully charged when you drive it, but it's totally true. My car would sit in the garage for 3 wks., I'd drive it 50 miles stop and go, figuring by the time I'm done, it's fully charged. The battery was not fully charged this way.

The other thing you do, and it is what the BMW dealer would do, is to load test your battery, AFTER fully charging it. If it passes a load test, it is GOOD, no ifs, ands, or buts. good luck