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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
Just read an article last night comparing the 335i, C350, and the new Cadillac ATS. They said the MB would have won outright if it weren't for the driving feel of the ATS. They were saying the MB chassis seemed better sorted then the BMW and interior was miles better. The thing they didn't like in the MB was the command centre.

I was amazed to hear a Cadillac won a shoot out over 2 Germans...but it only won because of how it drove. Said interior was too "bling" and their electronics weren't very intuitive.
Even more sad that it won over a BMW because of how it drove. I guess interior feel is subjective. Some people love Audi interiors; I can't stand them. I like BMW interiors though, they tend to be more driver oriented, although that's not exactly the case with every model.