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burning smell equals an $800 fix + 2013 328 sport loaner

I took my car in to top off the oil as it was indicating low oil and while I was waiting, they said they could also do my coolant flush and actually change the oil and the filter. When I was done, my SA told me that the oil filter housing is leaking and that's probably why I was going through the oil so fast. I know the cars eat oil but I was wondering why I had to top it off so soon.

In any case, I made an appt to drop off the car for another time as the SA said he would 3/4 of a day. I brought the car in and they replaced some gaskets and o-rings. I asked him how much it would have cost me if I didn't have the ext warranty and he told me to the tune of about $800 and now I'll have 2 years/unlimited miles on this particular repair.

He mentioned that this problem is very common on the 335 so for all of those out there that smell something burning, take the car in especially if it's within the warranty period because he pretty much said that sooner or later, this will need to be repaired.

On a side note, I did receive a 2013 328 sport as a loaner and it was a nice car to drive. First thing I noticed is how nice the new engine is. It's def a better performing engine than the old one that it replaced for all of the x28 models but it's still not up to the n54/n55 as it was hunting for some gears when my n54 would have taken the hill/a pass/or acceleration with stride.
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