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Originally Posted by r15khn View Post
It's a professional remap I do need to take time out so I can get the dyno done.
With respect Fella,if the car has never been dynoed,where has the 390bhp come from?
Is it a guess,or based on something else?
What torque figure do you think the car is running?

Originally Posted by andy9188 View Post
With just a remap dms can do 360 easily Carl and with a full exhaust system 10-15, cat and dpf delete 15-20 as its massively restrictive. Would love to see a Dyno of this car with a dpf delete + exhaust. You would have to have map tweaked though to be most effective.
360 easily?
That implies that the car will give more,where did the figure of 360 come from,and was that purely a remap?
If it runs 360bhp,what torque figure goes with it?

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