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Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
That's dangerous ground you're treading, undermining one of the very best reasons for trading a perfectly good car.....along with;

"lower taxes", "lower monthly payments", "its got a new car guarantee", "its a great deal" and "anyway, ours needs new tyres and a service".

If it had to make financial sense, this would be a Micra forum

But undermine these great reasons and all you're left with is

"because I love that feeling of driving a new car"
"I have an irrational need to change"
"I need another new car fix"
"I can't get that new coupe out of my head"
"I have 5000 burning a hole in my pocket"
"so little time, so many great cars"
"I'm bored with what I have and no longer enjoy washing it"
"we're only here for a short time"
"you never know what might happen"

Now who's going to understand those flakey reasons?
Get's my vote for 'post of the year'!

Onto whether the change from the RRS to the E-coupe will save money, one needs to consider that I'm aiming for NO cost to change (no deposit and no negative equity), a saving in monthly payments and much improved economy. So, will I save money by buying the E-Coupe? I think so.

Well, I put hardly any deposit (1k) on the RRS and I've paid 3.5k in monthly payments. In my ownership period, it's cost me 4.5k....that money has 'gone', it's 'spent' as far as I'm concerned so, as long as I get back what I owe on it (37k), then potentially changing it is a viable option as long as the Merc costs at least 100 less per month and has no deposit.

So far, I'm 1k under where I need to be on trade-in (I think I can get the extra's a desirable and in-demand car). Broadspeed, with their c.7k discount, combined with Mercs 5% APR finance, means I could probably get an E350CDI with around 4k's worth of options for 550 per month with no deposit....which is still 50 too much I will however get at least an extra 12mpg from the Merc which, on 20k miles pa is a saving of around 1.2k in fuel.

So, what to do?

I actually really (really!) like the RRS so am categorically not paying to sell it and I think I'm going to hold out for an extra few quid off the monthly payments (I doubt I'll get another 50 though). My mind at the minute is to keep the RRS, despite the economy.

Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
Wonder if Andrew got what he wanted for the XKR-S from (or whoever they were)
Well, heres what happened:

1. On Wed PM, get an online quote from and get offered 71k.

2. I never in a million years believe that I'll get 71k given a quick search on this internet thing brings up 2012 XKR-S's, with similar miles than mine for sale at Jag dealers for high 60k's/low 70k's (and thats before negotiations!). So, in line with WBAC's T&C's, I anticipate a call from them telling me that the price is different. In my head, I'm holding out for a realistic, but challenging mid-high 60k's for the car.

3. On Thu PM, I get a call from WBAC offering me.....wait for it......remember, they offered me 71k......hold it..........63k

4. I say thanks but no thanks to WBAC as, whilst I expected the price to differ from the first offer, an 8k variance is them taking the piss.

5. On Thu PM, I do an online quote with and get offered 69k.

6. Straight after I get the quote, I call WWAC and explain how I've been messed around by WBAC and queried how accurate their on-line system is. They tell me that my car is a little 'new' and 'unusual' for the online system to give a fair market valuation so they will check with their underwriters and get back to me.

7. They call me back after 10 mins and offer 67k. I accept and book appointment.

8. On Fri PM, I drive to their Notts office the next day and a very nice man spends 15 mins explaining who they are (they are in fact Motorhouse in Cannock, apparently the 'original' car supermarket ), explains the process, checks my paperwork and then goes out to see the car.

9. He physically checks the car more thoroughly than I've ever seen a car checked (with real attention to detail on the various VIN numbers dotted around the car...he tells me a couple of horror stories from his experiences!)...and he finds nothing wrong other than the kerbed wheel, which I had declared previously. He drives it for 10 mins and then confirms the price he is willing to pay is.....67k He never attempted to knock a penny off, except the 79 admin fee I have to pay (which I can't complain about as it's plastered all over their site when I asked for quote)

10. I sign a few forms, he signs a few forms, I walk away

Extremely pleasant and easy experience - it seems that if the car is as described, they have no reason to knock down the price.

In comparison, I was offered between 63k and 65k from Jag dealers so not only am I happy that I got what I expected, I also did better than I typically could have done elesewhere.

I'd also unlikely have a scooby-doo's chance of selling it privately given a) the price of similar cars at main dealers and b) the sheer quantity currently for sale (the good news with the SLS is how few are for sale - 10 on PH last time I looked)
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