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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
That rim repair will cost you somewhere between $100-200 to fix. However, IMO, repairing these cracked rims will never be a true fix. Eventually, over time (especially with MD roads), that crack will resurface. I've had my mechanic at BMW (all work done during off hours at BMW - so no stealership costs) advise me against repairing rims...

In any case, good luck with your search. If you're looking for a brand new set altogether, I have OEM 197 rims available sitting around at home. I can sell you 1 wheel, or sell the entire set. I have 7 of these rims sitting around...
SE3P_to_E90 I'm looking for an extra set of wheels and am wondering if you have a staggered set in the 7 197s you have? I'm too new to PM but you can email me at Thanks.