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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
4k of options on an E Class Coupe? Given that you will likely sell it after 4 months what's the point? I can understand COMAND and maybe metallic ( but white is good and free), but other than that what options do you want/need? The spec isn't too bad anyway, and the artico trim is as good as leather.

You're welcome to take over the lease on my 640d if you want to (470/month). I don't use it anymore as am about to go back to sea for 3 months and then start a new job in London in the summer and will be using the train.
Comand is nearly 2k of the 4k's worth of options! The rest is simple....metallic, electric memory seats and HK. That's it....relatively light for me!

Can one really take over someone else's lease (legitimately?)
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