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Originally Posted by mechanixhorseman View Post
Just wanted to updated this. The collision shop is estimating $10,000 + to fully repair everything damaged as a result of this pothole. Fortunately, I've got good insurance, but to those of you who may just be rocking liability, let my experience be a lesson to how costly these cars can be from seemingly small accidents. All I've got to pay now is a $250 deductible.
wow...10k +...thts huge. What other things are damaged? I wouldnt blame your wife for the pothole...anyone can hit it. you really dont have time and space to avoid it.
potholes can be nasty, my older Ford once hit a pothole on the edge and the tire, shock absorber, steering arm were damaged. To my surprise the wheel (Dynamic..dont know from where) was 100% intact, just needed balancing.