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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
Seriously, right? I live in the dorms attached to the University Hospital... so my car is always parked in the hospital parking deck haha... u?
Thats why cuz you're in school, i live in the ironbound past penn station. you usually will see my car parked at the Club Metro USA gym lot or outside in front. Let me tell you its not safe to be driving around this area or your area these days, alot of car jackings have been happening so i just try to get my gym done, my food shopping and go right home, i dont cruise around to waste time. if i need to go out ill go to Hoboken or somewhere else away from Newark. 37 years down here ive seen this place go from Good to Bad. So always keep an eye out when your driving, look around at all lights, keep your distance between the car infront of you, especially at night. Sucks it needs to be this way. i cant wait to move out of Newark.