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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Mistryn don't you have an e92 where your back seats fold? How have you managed to cut a ski type hole when (from what I gather) it goes across both rear seats?

Am I missing something.

I've handed in my car for the install and the JL12w7 will be in a sealed box facing the outside and I'm scared that the whole damn car will rattle I also want that warm low bass to fire int the cabin but I guess that's too late? If I had an e90, firing through the ski hatch would be only option.

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Hi Sam
Yes I have a E92, I have 60/40 split so on the longer side I have the centre arm rest in the middle and just cut the hole from the back as per that DIY thread

apologies for the crap pics taken on iphone (I thought I taken more but dont know where they have gone but can take some more tommorow)

When will your install be done by? I am really looking foward to seeing the pics. Doesnt your e92 have centre arm rest? Has your installer started work?

I have made a make shift grill with some mesh but I have ordered some speaker carpet and will replace it with that