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Need opinions... Keep or sell

So I have a decision to make. Keep or sell my wife's 330i. A little background first. We've had the car since 20k miles, has 89k now. Until recently, it's been a great car to own and drive. The only major issues were a head replacement under warranty for the valve tap and a failed water pump last summer. Other than that, I've kept up with all the maintenance and dine the work myself. I really do love the car. So my wife and I separated about 6 months ago and she took the BMW. I finally got to drive it again today and imagine my surprise when I find that During that time span she's managed to hit a parking lot pole and significantly dent the rear passenger door, gouge front and rear bumpers, apparently hit a pothole and destroy a brand new tire, curbed the same wheel and even newer tire to the point of bending rim and taking a large chunk out of said tire, blew at least two speakers, plus the OCI is about 8k overdue, the adaptive headlight malfunction light is on and it looks like a homeless man has been living in it for the duration of our separation. WTF. She's been asking lately if ill help her get a new/newer 335i and after seeing this mess I would never put her in another luxury sedan, much less a BMW. She needs a damn F150. So my options are sell as is for about 10-11k and put toward a new vehicle, address all the issues and sell for about 15-16k or do the same and hand it back to her so she can wreck shop. What would you do? Thanks in advance fellas (and ladies)
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