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Originally Posted by E92Alpine328i View Post
Ironbound is getting worse not what it used to be, alot..and i mean ALOT of illegal immigrants, and alot of robberies and car jackings. i hear about it all the time. just have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. parking isnt bad i dont think anyone would touch your car. i havent had a problem anywhere i parked. knock on wood. edgewater would be my choice to move, i go down that way to check out stores with my girl and go to the movies down there too then on the way back we head into hoboken for some coffee or dinner. JC i dont think is good, clifton is ok and Montclair is nice depends where you move to. Kearny, North arlington, lyndhurst up that way is nicer too. Trust me Newark is going into a downward spiral. may look nice with the new renovations and stuff but its the people that make it bad.
I remember going to the Prudential Center about two months ago for a concert and thought, "doesn't look too bad here, why does everyone say it's bad around here?". Went back a couple of weeks later to have dinner at dino bbq. Wow, the area was extremely creepy and shady. All I know is that I kept my guard up the whole time just to make sure, don't know if I'd ever go back unless I really had to for a concert.