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FYI: This is what a "High End" Body shop's work looks like. (Picture Heavy)

I have been thinking long and hard about whether I wanted to post this, but after some recent events I thought some of you may want to see this. For now I am just posting this in the regional section, though I am considering cross-posting it to the main board. Not sure.

I won't/can't get into the full story, but here is a very brief overview for those who aren't aware:

Car had hail damage back in June. Total paid out by Allstate was over $15,000 for this car. My other car had around $16,000 in damage as well. The body shop had my car from July 17 - September 14 (that's a total of 8 weeks, 3 days). Original time estimate was 4 weeks. Nothing but excuse after excuse when I called for status updates. After a while the excuses turned into outright lies, and for a while there they stopped even returning my calls until the owner had to get involved. Owner is a nice enough guy. I'm a business owner myself, so I always try to be reasonable with people and give them the benefit of the doubt to an extent. The shop got in over their head and made too many promises that they had no intentions of keeping. In doing so they ended up cutting corners and giving me a car that was not even safe to drive off the lot.

The shop's "lifetime warranty" on workmanship looks great on paper, but when you bring major flaws to their attention their answer is to offer you a free detail and "a great deal" on any "additional" work you want to PAY them to do. So, here we are now. Didn't want to have to do this.

This is what Trade Secret did to my car.

No, the hood is not open -- this is how it was installed.

The hood latches are held on with electrical tape. The shop told me to "look around in my garage" to see if I could find a bolt that would hold them on. This is a huge safety concern, especially seeing as how they also did not install any hood shocks. The only thing holding the hood on the car is the safety catch.

I thought this was dried wax, but it is actually missing paint. There are other areas like this in several spots on the car.

They sanded all of the gel coating off of the carbon fiber hood and tried to paint the carbon fiber directly. After three (3) paint attempts, this is the best they could get it looking. Note that you can clearly see the carbon fiber weave pattern through the paint. This gets more visible if the car is in direct sunlight.

Thin paint and missing clear coat on the back of the shark fin.

When I got the car back I noticed that 2 of the doors were harder to close than I'd remembered. Turns out they were not installed straight. Notice the gap/offset on the rear driver side door. This is a brand new, OEM BMW door shell.

This is the inside of my driver door. Those aren't scuffs that will buff out. It looks like the door panel was laid on its back and skidded across the shop floor. These are deep scratches in the plastic that go all the way around the liner.

The sunroof is crooked. Notice the ~1/4" difference in height between the passenger side and driver side.

Driver side of the deck lid, vs:

Passenger side of the deck lid. I can fit my index finger in the gap on this side.

And this was one of a few plastic bags of random "extra parts" that they left in my backseat. Not very comforting to know that they had extra bolts left over.

* Yes, I realize my car is very dirty in these photos *
* Both the hood and the deck lid were test-fitted by me before bringing the car in, and they fit perfectly. All issues with fitment occurred while the car was in the shop's care.

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