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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Auto Trans Problems lol

2013 is looking for a bright year with the N54:
  • Shiv seems to of just solved all the Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo issues
  • HPF hopefully will release their ST this year
  • Vargas Turbos Stage 3 Upgrade
  • ProEFI & their standalone

Just need to get all these products on an airfield & have the run each other
Should be interesting. But, Shiv didn't solve the MT issue, Trevor TMO335TT finally figured out the issue with the dual mass. Credit where credit is due...

HPF ST... Well, I've seen that setup up close and personal. I'm not sold on their solution. The designer/fabricator they had doing the development work couldn't figure out how to make things work so they relocated the motor mount to make room which in my opinion is a hack job at best. Don't get me wrong, I like the guys over at HPF, and the person who was responsible for that blunder is no longer there. So hopefully they can recover from years of failed R&D and make something worth while.

Can't wait to see what Vargas brings to the table. I agree ST is not for everyone, but I wouldn't rule out ST once Vargas delivers. ST performance is amazing and Vargas will have the same issues to deal with as everyone else is seeing as this platform pushes 600+ whp.

ProEFI.... Now that some cool shit. Although I'll never be one of the few people who go this route, it will be interesting when someone breaks into the 800 whp. $$$$