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Stutter after BMS dci install

I installed the bms dci on my 335i a couple days ago and afterwards I got a check engine light and shaking from the engine. Not consistently but when it does it, it feels like a misfire. I checked everything and it seems to be about as tightened as it can be. The back filters hose is what concerns me as the intake cone isn't in there straight on. Anyone have some tips?

*EDIT* 1/10/12

So I started having another issue when I start the car. It will rev up to like 1,200rpms and then back down then up, down, up, down. If I rev it, it'll clear itself out (most of the time). I have an OBII code reader that I forgot about so I plugged that in and these were the resulting codes:

P0151 - o2 circuit low voltage bank 2, sensor 1
P2415 - o2 sensor exhaust sample error bank 2 sensor 1
P2197 - o2 sensor signal stuck lean bank 2 sensor 1
P0306 - cylinder 6 misfire detected
*P0174 - system too lean bank2
*P2629 - o2 sensor pumping current trim circuit/open bank 2 sensor 1
*P166F - No info given on this one
P2415 - O2

I cleared all the codes, drove around, plugged the reader back in and the ones with the * were the only ones that came back up. Possible issues?

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