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Originally Posted by M3Boston View Post
Bas ESN does not mean it is stolen. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!! Please educate yourself before you bash anyone's thread, you are hurting me as a seller for no reason.

PS. Your screwed once you unlock a phone, apple wont touch that either.
I am an Apple Genius. I am educated, most likely more than you are. Bad ESN means that is was reported lost or stolen. You can look it up anywhere. Im not bashing your thread, i just know the market for apple products well since i work on them all day long. I'm not bashing you as a seller, simply attempting to warn potential buyers. You aren't screwed once you unlock a phone, you're confusing unlocking with jailbreaking. There are tethered unlocks, factory unlocks, sim unlocks and plenty of other software versions. Please do not bash me personally, I did not bash you at all. GLWS
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