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Originally Posted by bbarclay410 View Post
I am an Apple Genius. I am educated, most likely more than you are. Bad ESN means that is was reported lost or stolen. You can look it up anywhere. Im not bashing your thread, i just know the market for apple products well since i work on them all day long. I'm not bashing you as a seller, simply attempting to warn potential buyers. You aren't screwed once you unlock a phone, you're confusing unlocking with jailbreaking. There are tethered unlocks, factory unlocks, sim unlocks and plenty of other software versions. Please do not bash me personally, I did not bash you at all. GLWS
Clearly you are a liar and not a Apple Genius. So if you could please get off my thread.

A phone with a bad ESN# yes could be stolen, or reported lost.... But that is only if the current ESN is in use. A phone with a bad ESN could have several reasons why it has been blacklisted. You would have known this if you was a Genius. But seems like you possibly jumped the gun on wikipedia.