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Originally Posted by jdbretz View Post
Now on to the benefits/differences of twin turbos over a single....twins, depending on how they are sized, will typically spool up quicker reducing lag. The downside is if they aren't big enough they don't continue to make more HP all the way to redline (stock and current hybrid turbos). A large single takes a little longer to spool, however will continue to make more HP to redline. The Stage 3 Vargas is building *I think* will spool up quicker than the single and still be able to push enough air to make power all the way to redline, so it may be a win/win. It probably won't have the peak power potential of the single though. Given enough RPMs, the single should make more peak power. The N54 currently isn't revving out 8-9000 RPMs though so it may not matter for now. On another note though, the Vishnu/FFTEC single isn't running anywhere near its max potential right now. You are basically choosing between low end torque/less lag (twins) or top end power (single). Hope that helps.
Sorry dude, but none of that makes sense, for many reasons. There's no reason a single should flow more air than equivalent twins and there's no reason that a single 'can make it to redline' while twins magically can't.
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