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Originally Posted by benzy89
Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
I went from JMK to prestige to Morristown BMW- just noticed this LOL.
It's like I'm their 4 wheeled billboard
Morristown BMW FTW

Just read your thread about the rattling. Ramsey/Prestige is a joke & a royal pain with non-approved mods. Morristown BMW is real chill (my car is FBO), just make sure to remove your tune if it's not BMW PPK/Dinan
I had my Dinan stage III put in by them so you would think they would be able to figure out the rattling. Alas, it seems the rattling is still there by the way... sucks balls.
Sounds like something loose under the engine compartment or around the dash.
At this point I can't help but think that it's either my wastegate or something with the oil cooler system....
I'll give it one last ditch effort when I go to put my oil catch can back in over there in a week or so.