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Do you know how to use an ohm/volt meter.

Do you know how to use an ohm/volt meter.
1)The frame may be insulated at your ground point.
I would measure from which ever ground point to the negative battery terminal
on the battery . The kit I got took both wires are attached right to the battery lug.(not a Technic kit for power)
I hope you are using a fuse on the + side .
2)If you are using a hot wire that plugs into the battery distribution block not all the slots are populated with blades/fusible links so if you plug into a no blade slot there will be no power. You need to inspect the slots to find one with two blades.

see page 6 item 6

Be sure to measure for a low resistance ground and hot
connections and voltage at the amp terminals that make
sense before applying power.

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