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Originally Posted by M3Boston View Post
What is wrong with you?? No carrier/business is legally allowed to confiscate, so they don't! Whom ever told you this is wrong, 100% wrong! Why are you implying my phone is stolen/lost?? It is neither one!

So every phone with a bad esn# is stolen/lost. All the phones on ebay with a bad ESN is stolen? WOW! Police must be very busy.

Your clueless! Stop trying to justify the stupidity remarks from your previous posting. You are not a GENIUS but a HYPOCRITE!"You are correct that a bad ESN doesn't always mean a phone has been lost or stolen, however, in most situations, that is the case."

Clearly you have ruined the thread for me and other potential buyers. I clearly stated details about each phone, and you felt the need to continuously imply one of my phones is stolen/lost. Clearly you have been in the market for a iphone for some time(stats), and felt the need to attack my thread.

I hope your HAPPY you ruined my thread for no reason. YOU MUST BE PROUD!!

You really need to go back and thoroughly read each of my posts. I never directly said that your phone was stolen or lost. I simply said that a bad ESN usually means that a phone has been reported stolen or lost. As for the confiscation, this was information relayed to me when my iPhone 4 was stolen. I reported it stolen to both Apple and AT&T, both of which assured that they would be legally entitled to confiscate the phone if the situation occurred that someone attempted to activate my phone. Once a phone is flagged for whatever reason, its ESN (CDMA phones(Sprint, Verizon etc)) or IMEI (GSM(AT&T etc)) would be put into a registry for lost and stolen phones.
[QUOTE\]So every phone with a bad esn# is stolen/lost.[/quote] No, as I clearly stated above, and in fact, you quoted yourself in a pitiful attempt to make me look ignorant, not every phone with a bad ESN is lost or stolen, however, 9 times out of ten, that is the case. I have a hard time believing that I am the only guilty part in ruining your thread. You have clearly demonstrated an immature persona that has only further revealed a very childish intelligence level on your behalf. If you had been mature about this and perhaps reasonable, this lovely debate might not have occurred and perhaps your thread would have been unmolested as it currently has. Instead, you decided to attack me personally, which angered me and now you have caused a big stink in your thread over a minuscule accusation. Furthermore, your actions to repeatedly deny with the utmost effort that your phone may have been previously reported lost or stolen only further suggests that in in fact has a bad ESN for that exact reason. All that i have done is revealed what you are clearly trying to hide and continue to deny. Again, ill go ahead and clarify here, I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT YOUR PHONE HAS A BAD ESN BECAUSE OF BEING REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN. GLWS Have a nice night.
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