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"but you're screwed if something goes wrong with it. Bad ESN means its been reported stolen and if you take it to a cell provider they are told to confiscate the phone. Apple stores wont touch it either. GLWS"

"You are correct that a bad ESN doesn't always mean a phone has been lost or stolen, however, in most situations, that is the case."

"I am an Apple Genius."

"Most phones that come in and are confiscated are bad ESN phones that have been reported lost or stolen. We refuse phones that have been opened by an unauthorized service or an individual."

"As for the confiscation, this was information relayed to me when my iPhone 4 was stolen."

"BUYERS BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Seller, GLWS. I hope that you don't get in trouble with this situation."

"I am educated, most likely more than you are"

"Please do not bash me personally, I did not bash you at all."

All here for you!! Not only did you lie about being a Apple Genius you are also a hypocrite. You clearly imply not only you are an employee of Apple, but also my phone has/was stolen.

You dont work for Apple
You dont know what your talking about
You dont confiscate phones
You did ruin my thread
You are a huge hypocrite


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