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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
360 easily?
That implies that the car will give more,where did the figure of 360 come from,and was that purely a remap?
If it runs 360bhp,what torque figure goes with it?
Yes Ian 360 easily. Speak to dms or mega or bwchiptune they will do 360 from just a remap the only thing that holds these cars back is the gearbox because of the torque limitations. Even if you put straight through exhausts on and dpf delete you will have a slight gain but the software needs adjusting to utilise these mods properly. The reason why everyone is fixated on 350bhp 700nm is because this is all the generic maps are rated to again due to gearbox limitations. The free flowing exhaust will definitely let the turbos spool up a lot easier and help longevity. With these mods and a custom map you will get these figures but in return exceed the maximum torque. How many people on this forum have actually pushed there cars past the 700/720nm on here. None that I know of.

To the op you need to get this car on the Dyno.