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Originally Posted by r15khn View Post
Andy I have an e92 m3 with a cat back no boxes, is evolves map undetectable as the car is on lease and needs to return to stock before handing it back at the end of the agreement. Also have you done a panel replacement filter or a whole new air intake. Be interesting to put my 335 up against your v8
It is only undetectable with there evolve r cable which flashes the car back to stock when you return it. A rear exhaust box doesn't make much difference at all you need to remove the primary cats and then remap. It is just a panel filter pal as that's all you need. The stock air intake pipework is very good. You couldn't really get more air in if you tried. When the car is on the ramps if you look up the air intake you can see the air filter and its quite a large diameter.