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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Just went out to the garage with my son, pulled the cover off and disconnected the battery tender. Opened the garage door and started her up.
Sat in the car with my son talking about the cool things in life for a while. He asked why would a "race" car have the auto start/stop button. He loves that car as much as I do and didnt want to get out either.
Shut her down. Plugged her back up. Covered her. Cant wait for the winter to go to hell...
Dude, I've got the winter storage blues hard this year as well. Last year, I kept my car in my garage. I would do the same thing as you. It was cool to just hear the motor growl even for a few minutes.

This year, my car is stored at my brother's garage with his Miata (1.5 hours away). What's worse is that I garaged it too early. I put it away at the end of October and we had a great November. I could have driven it around for another month. :-(

I hope this winter doesn't linger around too long since it started late.