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None of these cars are likely to sell with ease. While I'm sure they are all really nice cars, they are all relatively thirsty, without being as fast as others with similar economy.

For example, an R32 will get low to mid 20's on average mpg wise. Same as my 4.2 V8 S4 would with over 100 BHP more. In fact, every car you have listed will be in a similar position.

That said, the R32 would be where my money went from that list. Lovely car, beautiful note, and a bit of an icon.

If you want something easy to sell, get a 2.0 TDI Estate of some German variety (A4, 3-series, c-class, passat etc...). Otherwise, an easier sell is for a very good car, vor bottom of the market money. i.e. you pay just now for the good example, but expect to sell it cheap to get it to move. I have seen a few R32's for sale up hear, at reasonable prices, for months.

My S4 took 18 months to shift. Saying that, the 1.8T Golf GTI I took in px was sold within 2 days because I took it in px at a price that was easily sell-able.

5k should get you a pretty decent Range Rover / Discovery or similar though. Mine is kitted with LPG, and I can't imagine loosing too much money on it when I sell it, other than what it costs to keep it on the road.

Or go for a VR6T of some description, or 1.8T mk2 Golf. You should be able to pick up one of the best examples for that money, and they sort of cars wont depreciate like newer cars. You wont get 04 onwards, or sub 80k, but you will get an iconic motor, that will end up costing you very little.
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