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The X6 has arrived

Hi all,

On Thursday evening we went to pick up the new family wagon, as I am sure most of you are aware we are having our first child and we needed something that was bigger, the TT and 911 was never going to cut it. The TT being a company car went back and the search began.

We always wanted a 4x4 but for what we wanted to spend we were looking at 3 year old examples and the condition was never up to my standard, (I think I stuck buying new forever) So after looking at lots of cars we choose a new C Class 180 Sport Saloon with a few essential options. I did the deal and gave the deposit and we were done or so I thought. A week later I get a phone call saying that they cannot order the car due to a shortage of pan roofs, they try and find us a car yet nothing is suitable and as they will not do the deal after the 31st of dec so I cancel and walk away.

So the search began again, the problem was that the Audi had gone back and I was driving around in a hire car which to be fair was great, a ford focus 2.0tdci with the powershift gearbox (dual clutch). What a cracking car, for 17k new you could get one with Nav, Bluetooth, DAB, alloys etc but as this was a hire car it was costing us so we needed to get something sorted

Looking online I noticed that BMW were doing big contributions to X5 and X6's so I started looking at what deals I could get. I then looked at a few used examples and found one at Sytner Sunningdale, it was a good spec at a not bad price, in the car and off we went.

We arrive at the dealer and the used one is not there its at their other dealership but the salesman says we have one in the showroom for you to look at (you know what's coming) Once the wife had seen the new one in the colour and spec we would order there was no going back, so I told them the price I had (around 10k off) and without any argument they matched it, they ran some finance figures and with our deposit the monthly is less than the TT was costing us.. They also gave us a new 520d to have while waiting for the X6 which saved me the hire car costs and I got them to half their GAP insurance.

That was 10 weeks ago and it has now arrived, first impressions are it's massive!! A full 50mm wider than the X5 and so tall I had to use a step ladder to clean it But it's awesome, how a 2.2 tonne car handles like this I have no idea. The engine is the 245bph 3.0 litre single turbo which is very very good, fuel consumption is not great at the moment (23mpg) but this is town driving and it's first tank which is always bad (my 911 managed 140 miles on its first tank )

The interior is typical BMW and really is a nice place to be, we opted for the 3rd seat to make it a bit more practical (300 odd option). The rear view is shocking, I swear it's there just for light and not other reason. I am so glad I ordered the camera as it makes life so much easier especially with topview which allows you to see the kerbs when parking The boot is massive but it's high so I can see the bumper getting marked. I have bought the floor mat which has a protector that folds out over the bumper but I think I may look at getting a clear plastic protector (like the ones for the front of the car) to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

My dislikes so far, well to make it handle there is a compromise and that is the ride. It's firm, very firm but it's only when you are on a really bad road that you really notice it, potholes and stuff don't really bother it like the E92 on runflats it's more when you get an un even road with a shocking surface that you notice it. But I am cool with that as it drives so well and if my wife is happy being in it 6 months pregnant then it cant be that bad.

Enough of me going on, here is the spec and the photo's. Will post a review up in 3 or so months (before the baby is here) when we have spent more time with it.

I know that the X6 is a marmite car so I will not be offended by people not liking it, if we all liked the same thing it would be a very boring world

E71 X6 Xdrive 30d
Black Sapphire
Oyster Leather
Dynamic Pack (Electric mem sport seats, high gloss shadow line, black headlining etc)
336 20" Alloys
Media Package (Nav, DAB, Bluetooth)
Heated Seats
Business Hi-Fi
Rearview/Topview Cameras
3rd Rear Seat
Sun Protection Glass
Folding Dimming Exterior Mirrors

TopView Camera (Camera's in the door mirrors)

RearView Camera

Third Rear Seat