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Originally Posted by Z3man View Post
Why have they all got stupid wheels on that don't look right or fit the car, when i see a car like that i automatically think the owner is a dick head. Nothing wrong with the cars themselves of course, but with a decent set of tasteful wheels they would look so much better, those guys have probably spent a fortune on those wheels just to ruin the car.
Each to his own and I too think about the abuse it may have had fromt it's owner but not everyone is a 'di&khead' with having wheels like that and not everyone rags the sh!t out of them just because they look a certain way. Alot of people put tremendous effort in getting their car to look a certain way and take pride and joy and driving it, but then again.... all this is very subjective lol. Personally speaking I love the look but I'm sure I'd do something a little different than Alpina or BBS wheels!

Originally Posted by Tyso335 View Post
gorgeous car mate i love them to, theres a mint one around where i live in grey so nice n clean
Grey ones are so damn nice mate, so nice!

Originally Posted by CarAbuser View Post

I'm sure they would look great in stock form.

But they all look like they have been abused, the suspension on each car is either broken or has been worked on by Halfords.
"ey blud i got deez sikk H&R springz for me beema innit, ow much for da fittin service innit?"
Again all subjective and each to their own but how can you tell if it's done by Halfrauds, that's a big statement to make and I'd be pretty pee-d off if I posted up my car with a similar stance and someone said.. 'it's a halfords ting init'.
Not saying you're wrong but I think the odds are stacked against you if we were to go purely on the fact that most BM owners on here and ones I know stay totally away from halfrauds for things like suspension and springs/coilovers lol. It would be a totally diff league if these were kitted out fiestas.. I'd agree with you all day long.
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