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Another happy e-maps customer here...!

When Simon remapped my 123d back in April last year, I did already done a load of research (about both reliability of the 123 and tuning companies) and phoned various companies before I settled on Simon at E-Maps. The fact that he was local to me and had numerous positive reviews on the internet sealed the deal for me.

The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish! He gave me a very warm welcome, checked over everything in the engine bay (found a boost pipe seal that was weeping oil on the intercooler) and carried out a diagnostic check, before starting the tuning process. He guided me through the whole process, which really was quite interesting, I can't remember everything, but he did change around 35 different tables in the ECU (Load, turbo boost, ignition timing etc.).

After about an hour he was done and he took the car out for a test drive with the laptop plugged in to monitor the EGT, boost pressure and some other things. Once the car was up to temperature, we headed out onto a dual carriageway and he floored it. I was speechless! The feeling of being pulled back into your seat and feeling as though the seat was about to be ripped out of the floor was great! He gave it a good 10 minute thrashing, before letting me have a go to make sure I was happy. And boy was I, the 1-series felt like a new car and the feeling of 248BHP was fantastic! The shove up to 5500rpm was incredible (especially in 2nd and 3rd)! The pull through all the gears was astonishing and up until the day I changed the car, it still put a smile on my face!