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Originally Posted by Bingobimmer View Post
SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH FOR THE BIG QUESTION. Well the other day I saw my old JL amp and sub from my previous car just sitting around after months of trying to get them sold. So I thought why not just throw one in my e90! I didn't want to put both in because I don't really want a huge bass boom (Ideally just one 10in JL w3). So I thought one 12 would really fill the deep bass gap left by the logic7.

So I picked up a wiring kit and a technic harness. I used the e92 diy as a reference which was very helpful. I stared by attaching the power cord to the positive connection on the battery. Then I attached the ground wire to the frame, but NO POWER! Really confused on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Please use a multimeter at the 12V and remote turn on terminals of your aftermarket amp to determine what it is actually happening at your aftermarket amp. You should measure 12V constant at the 12V terminal and 12V at the remote turn on only when you open a door/trunk/car is running. LOC at harness -if LOC was supplied by me- should lit up when the remote turn on is activated.