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Originally Posted by jimmylad View Post
Now there's a question....

IIRC they were from the states & are 8500 thunder? about 35 delivered. To get them looking nice & bright in the day time I have to have the day running lights on all the time (I drive option) & as soon as you switch to side light they go dim and loose the effect. You can use them till until headlights are required but as it goes darker there are no instrument lights using day running lights.

Been using the day lights for this reason so lights always on for the last 18 months. Adds to the effect. Would like to do the chrome trim on doors but I am looking for a GTR as my next car but may not get it de chromed although I might put the car in storage whilst I get a GTR (only want it for 6 months) & then go back to the beemer.
i get you mate ill have to try that with mine see if work with mine. cheers

yeh get GTR they are awesome

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