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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
It's threads like these when I discover just how lacking the library of smilies/emoticons is,I really want one that displays one of total bewilderment/bemusement/disbelief etc, this one - just doesn't hack it

Anyway Andy,thanks for the response,I'll pass on the invite on talking to either Rob or Mike at DMS,as I used these knowledgeable Guys back in 2005,so know a little bit about the outfit,and a fine one it is too.
I've never met Jason @BW,but I do hear good things about him also.

Funnily enough there was a Guy on here only recently who had used DMS,he was claiming 360BHP, and when I politely asked what the torque figure was,and for a scanned copy of the dyno graph,his reply was that he never had a graph,and would need to contact Mike @DMS to get a copy.

Strange one that!

Whenever I've had a car dynoed,which has been on multiple occasions,I've always got a printout,and the forum has quite a few copies uploaded to look at.
Lets face it,how else can I prove just how big my cock is,a Dynograph is essential when declaring the size of your manhood,BHP/torque, go hand in hand with length and girth in many people's books

Andy,joking aside,I am aware of the claims made by many companies,but I'm sure you'd agree that with out something substantive to back up the claims,anyone claiming as such will automatically set off the many BSometers that are prevalent on many car related forums.

I'm not in anyway suggesting I disbelieve the OP,or any of the other claims made by others,but by asking questions,you sometimes get a different version of the truth behind such claims.

Funnily enough I know a Guy with a 335D,have been out in it.
It runs at 378bhp and 590lbs torque,and I've seen the dynograph to substantiate the power.
The car was obviously mapped and had had the inside of the DPF lobotomised,those figures above, were also pre fitting the straight through exhaust I sold him.

It sounded glorious for a diesel car,and was mental in every sense.

So yes,390ish is achievable,but the downside with this setup,is something will give,be it the gearbox,drivetrain,turbo/torque converter etc,and then you're royally fecked.

A stage 2 map is nothing other than a clever bit of marketing,most companies use generic maps off the shelf as you say, a Stage 2 map is the generic one,manipulated/altered in many differing ways by a good mapper,simples

My car ran at 363bhp (DPF intact) and a tad over 500lbs of torque,the torque figure was kept lower than is possible for the reasons as listed above,but I know I could have got more,but wouldn't be able to afford the repairs when the car imploded!

Anyway,I don't want to start a tuning war,I've had my fill of those over the years,and this post has already passed it's attention span quotient,so I'm ooot.................................for now

Best of luck with the sale r15khn,the car sounds like a monster
So basically after this long winded reply you are agreeing with me it is doable. I never said it would be safe on the drivetrain as it exceeds the maximum torque limits.

And yes I know stage 2 software is marketing, I said above these map had to be tweaked to benefit from the mods.

I don't understand why I am feeling like this is an attempt to belittle or embarrass me in some form.

Anyway many thanks for your reply.