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Did you go with anything else or just stay stock?

I am still not 100% my Parrot kit would carry on working. Looking at an install guide, it looks like the front speakers no longer attach to the HU, but to the amp.
If I placed a call, would this signal be amplified by the Alpine amp too?

Last question, is there any point me doing this?
Almost 98% of the time I listen to music from my phone through A2DP streaming from my phone.
The Parrot kit is connected to the AUX in of the radio so for Bluetooth streaming the audio is passed via Line ou of the parrot to the AUX in on the radio.

My MP3's on my phone range between 128K up to 320k (not many)

Would the improved amplification just highlight the short comings of my source?

What source do most of you guys use with this? CDs? Or just radio? (I very rarely use the radio tbh, and when I do its normally LBC anyway)