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Question E92: M-Sport Bumper / Engine Tray Connector

A few months back I had caught the front bumper on a kerb. As part of trying to initially get off the kerb ended up wrecking the engine tray to bumper connection and cracking the front wing. Anyway, dropped it in to my local body shop, wing fixed and an new engine tray and fittings installed.

A while later had the car up on ramp getting tracking done and noticed bumper and engine tray did not seem to be connected completely, there were a few holes in the underneath of bumper that were not screwed in. Now between the engine tray fix and tracking, had the gearbox oil done, that was the only other event.

So when I had the car in the bodyshop again asked them to look it over. Where there was missing bolts they screwed in a few new ones which tightened things up much better.

Now there was one hole in the center on the bumper and there appeared to be a hole in the engine tray also, and it looked like a space where a something was needed to connect the two?

Attached are a couple of pics where the bodyshop used a cable tie as a temp fix as they were unsure what goes there.

Anyone any ideas?

I believe part no. 15 ( sits between the engine tray and the bumper and helps connect the two, you can see the corner of it in the 2nd picture, circled in orange.

Maybe there should be a similar spacer in the middle?
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2008 E92 325i Black Sapphire M-Sport Coupe

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