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Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
I just wanted to ask if anybody knows if this will work with a Parrot bluetooth kit?
I have an MKi9100 and it intercepts the wiring coming out the back of the radio so when a call comes it mutes the radio and uses its own amp to drive the speakers.
Would this still work with the Alpine kit?
Don't hold me responsible for it, but looking at alpine kit installation guide and Parrot kit, it should work.

Since alpine kit takes the signals from the HU near the underseat drivers, so during the call those signals will go to alpine amp and get amplified.

Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
Is the install something a novice could do?

If you can understand the alpine kit installation manual, then yes you can install it.
Most people break few clips. However if you cannot follow the manual then in worst case scenario you can brick your HU or Alpine amp.

Originally Posted by The_Bear_Yid View Post
The RMS of the speakers I thought was shockingly low for the money so I never bothered.
It is a decent kit IMO, if not true audiophile kit.
Best part is its resale and most people only loose 100 when it comes to resale.
Whereas with aftermarket kits, you loose 40-50% of their original price.

Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post

If I placed a call, would this signal be amplified by the Alpine amp too?
99% chanes are that they'll get amplified.

Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
Last question, is there any point me doing this?
Only you can answer that.

Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
Almost 98% of the time I listen to music from my phone through A2DP streaming from my phone.
The Parrot kit is connected to the AUX in of the radio so for Bluetooth streaming the audio is passed via Line ou of the parrot to the AUX in on the radio.

My MP3's on my phone range between 128K up to 320k (not many)

Would the improved amplification just highlight the short comings of my source?
I always use iphone ---> Aux in and signals are 90% clear and good.

Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post

What do you primarily listen to? Radio / CD?

Now just concerned my A2DP MP3's are not going to see a benefit from this.
Technically, it should work.
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