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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
the engine should be the same, just move over your injectors coil packs and put new plugs in it. move over the better HPFP starter, i cant really see a major difference between the XI and I. exept transmission i could be wrong

but y u no build?
Decided against it for now, might do it later but probably won't build the internals but rather just go big turbo and call it a day. I did pick up the engine yesterday and it seems to be in pretty good shape, 34k miles and no leaks anywhere as far as I can tell. The only thing that I am certain we have to swap over seems to be turbos,oil pan, injectors and possibly my wiring harness which all can be done rather easy with the engines out of the car. I plan on replacing oil pan gasket and possibly valve cover gasket, anything else you guys recommend before putting this one back in? Hopefully I don't run into anything unexpected but will keep this thread updated regardless. Happy sunday guys