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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
by me.
I'm all for a pie run and to meet some more oil burner fanatics. As far as pulling the trigger on the major suspension work I have planned, the only hold up at the moment (besides $$) is getting VAC to answer my email. I guess I need to call them tomorrow. As discussed with Former Rotor previously, I am focusing now mainly on BMW-only upgrades, with the exception of the dampers, which I might want to use something else other than the BMW Performance Kit ones. And finding out how much of the rear end work can/should be done by VAC at the same time they tackle the Quaife LSD. Once I sort out the logistics of the changes I want to make, then it's a matter of just finalizing the bill of materials and getting on with the program. I suppose there are many ways to achieve ones desired suspension objectives, but I seem to be converging on the BMW Performance Kit, the M3 Suspension Component Kit, the M3 Subframe Bushings, and perhaps a few other M3 tweaks that aren't covered by the kit, The performance tune and the cosmetics will come later in that order. I wasn't intending any cosmetics such as front and rear diffusers, except for some other wheels, but this is a very slippery slope.
Yeah, buddy. That modbug carries some weight. Technically the thread jack was my fault, but no one will know because I accidentally deleted my comment to you when I correcting typos in my post. Like I said (before deleting), you're soon to be my suspension hero. Bummer that VAC hasnt returned your call. Looks-wise, your car is looking good as is and (no matter what they tell you in the picture forum) there is nothing wrong with a sleeper.

As far as the suspension questions, i think Chris runs KW coilovers. I know you are coil over-averse, but you may want to check his set-up out. It would pair well with all of those m3 bits.

That's why I like the looks of Chris's car so much. It's aggressive but tasteful almost an "angry OEM" sort of look (similar to what I personally like to try to accomplish with my vehicles). I will say, the tips and black diffuser are just the right touch to enhance the look you already had, cssnms. Keep up the good work!*

*see what I did there? de-thread-jacked.

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