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Originally Posted by PhilM View Post
Interesting stuff.

I thought about an EGR delete but your pic has just convinced me not to. (I also use v Power diesel) according to my tuner its got a lot cleaner burn.

I may look at the swirlflaps though.. Where did you buy your blanks from? Is it a bad job to do?
Yes, carbon wise they're a clean ish engine.
The other side of the EGR removal is flow, the mechanism inside the pipe restricts flow by around 37%

The effects of removal, even faster spool on the turbos, full boost is archived far sooner and holds better power top end with a stronger (slightly) midrange

The swirl flaps, a simple and easy job, allot of plastic's removal
But it's not a complex job to do

I had my inlet off as I was replacing my glow plugs - so it made sense to preempt the swirl flap thing, and remove them, no harm no foul !

I got the blanks from eBay - 32mm versions

Originally Posted by jimmylad View Post
I went for the egr delete but my car wouldn't tickover without blue smoke coming out of the exhausts. Went like a goodun on full bore with the egr delete part fitted though.

I cleaned my EGR ( looked like new when cleaned) and put it back on and was possibly cleaner than yours was (103k) & I use esso or asda fuel. Dont care about the fuel although I do put that power enhancer through the fuel system every 5k miles which is supposed to remove carbon even when exhauted out which also means it goes through the egr.
I'm not sue what went arye with your EGR delete - but I've replaced 6 units now, mine being one, 2 x 525d, 1 x 530d and 3 x 335, all very successfully - no negative issues to report.

I remember you saying you'd not blanked off a vacuum pipe with your installation - maybe this attributed to you blue smoke - or maybe it just did a DPF burn that was slightly greater than before, maybe it'd not managed to achieve a full DPF regen for a while - don't know, never looked at your car so I'm just guessing at possibilities

On the flip side, it's a testimont to good fuel and quality adatives - keeps the inside of the internal combustion engine clean and healthy !

O a further side note, I've completely removed the EGR cooler and blanked the plumbing side of it too - frees up a lot of spae and looks neater
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