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Red Light Cameras and speed traps

Hi, I updated my CIC System in 2012 BMW X5 with 2013 NAM maps via USB stick.
My questions:
1. Can I add the red light Camera and Speed trap information to the existing installed Maps - or do I have to re-install the entire 21 GB map update?
2. Is there a hope to have the latest Red Light Cam and speed trap information any time soon?
3. I see that the Map Updates with 2011 Cams and traps are available as DVD downloads - how can these be transferred to USB stick for update via USB? USB is much fasted upgrade compared to DVD.

Thanks in advance

Originally Posted by dluke View Post
I have a couple people downloading now to help start the seeding.. But I had to bring my laptop to work and the connection sucks here so it's a little slow going until I get back home tonight.. But it should be ready by tonight or tomorrow morning.. And I'm making the east disc right now as well.. So as soon as they are ready I will give the links to hugo330i so he can post the links in the OP so we can keep everything organized..

PS.. And also I already posted this but just so everyone knows.. I only have the red light camera and speed trap data from 2011 right now.. So if any one knows how or where to get new data let me know.. And again I'll get the links up as soon as I can.. Sorry for the delay