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Owned by the DSC trifecta

So a few months ago the famous DSC lights came in. All three of them. So far I've cleaned the Steering Angle Sensor (as it turns out this isn't the issue - turn signals work normally), replaced the DSC Computer end (didn't clear lights - still had 5DF0 and 5DF1), replaced the hydraulic pump end of the DSC module (still have the 5DF0 and 5DF1). It really is so frustrating! Now I'm getting a brake pressure sensor warning along with the other group of DSC lights.
I had taken the car over the Eastside Bavarian. So far I've given them $560 for labor alone and they just scratch their heads and ask for more money to continue giving me no answers.

Anyone have any local experience with this? I see so many threads and comments on the web about e90 DSC problems. I'm really surprised that EB said it was a rare problem on my car.

Any insight or advice would be much appreciated. I'm almost ready to take it to the dealership and see if they can fix it...