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Hurricane Sandy - Got my car back from insurance

So if anyone remembers. I had insurance take my car from Hurricane Sandy.
It was taken first week of November. It was supposed to be delivered by Thanksgiving, and Encompass Insurance sent the car out to be inspected. It ended up being Ok, no problems.

Guess what! It took them until Today to get my car delivered. I was out of a car for 2 months.
First it was delivered to NYC 2 weeks ago without notice, while i was out of the country. AND they lost my car keys. So their plan was to leave it on the street.
Had them take it back.

finally today it was delivered. Mind you I gave them my car in Great condition. I had them take it away after the storm because i was concerned, even though it ran fine.

I want you to look at how it was returned. The crank is gone. Engine doesn't start. The car lot/inspection people opened the car up and put it in neutral.

Also, i need help asap. What is missing from my trunk (left side)??? Clearly something is disconnected.

My claims rep center is closed on weekends. Any advice on how to proceed except getting furious on the phone?

My blood is boiling.
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