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Originally Posted by e92ben View Post
Got my m3 bumper installed. Posted up a pic last week. Anyways finally got around to removing the fog lights and cutting the tabs with a dremel VERY carefully. Then attaching the m3 air ducts, or whatever's left of them after you trim them lol. And putting the bumper back on. Need better pics of the process but just wanna throw it out that it's super easy mod to do that adds more aggressiveness to your car if you have a m3 rep.

Remove bumper

Cut tabs

Sand down/ clean up where tabs were.

Get your M3 ducts ready.

3M double sided tape them to your bumper. (Make sure you clean the sticking surfaces.)

^^horrible pics! Lol

Bring your bumper back to the car lol

MAKE SURE everything lines up and doesn't push your fenders back!

Also before bolting up the bumper perfect time do figure out what you need to do with your fog lights. I wrapped them in electrical tape and tucked them up. Bad idea I know but until I code them off this is the best I can do. Plus no one else drives this car.

Put the bumper back on and your golden. Nice thing is the for some reason my vents got so close to the brake duct holes lol. So they are functional

Ill have some pics up next week of the car. Needs a detail bad!
Anyways thanks for looking
About them being functional or non-functional doesnt really matter, the Mtech bumper i had didnt allow any air flow through the stock brake ducts, atleast now they will get some air even if its not directly connected, better than no air flow at all as long as theres no gaping hole in your bumper