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CYMK - your story is astonishing at the very least - hard to believe a "reputable" shop would tell you that the best they could do is tape your hood latches on and to go find your own bolts. Sounds like the Plano shop will be your best bet, and it's good that your insurance company will back you. I would not give the original shop any more rope - it would seem they're just not capable of doing the work right.

A few years ago, someone sideswiped my wife's '05 325i in the parking garage, taking out the left rear door panel and the rear quarter panel. We ended up using Berli's in Pflugerville (we were living in Round Rock at the time), which is THE high-end body shop in that area. I checked with the dealership about their recommended body shops, and this was first on their list because they were certified to repair to "BMW Standards", meaning there would be no loss in value with the proper repair. Not only did the dark-blue metallic paint match perfectly, but the dealer techs/appraisers could not find any evidence of repair activity. This is what your car deserves too, so I would do some checking with local dealerships as to their recommended shops that meet BMW standards. The shop in Plano you mention could very well have this qualification.

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