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Question Headlight painting idea...

Hey guys, so I'm trying to do some simple mods to my new Sparkling Graphite 330xi and already did a few. I got my blacklines and matte grille ordered. Now I want to do something with my headlights to deal with these ambers.

First off, I have Xenon AHL and do not want to swap them. Replacing the headlights are way out of the question for many reasons...but mostly money and lost of features.

I currently have the tint on the outside of my headlights but think it looks cheap, so I want to open the headlights and do something. Also I don't want to do anything permanent. If I vinyl the amber, I'm worried about getting a ticket for having no orange at all.

SOOOO, I'm thinking about opening it and Plasti-dipping the reflector with the SMOKE plastidip. This way it would act as a tint that I can still peel off later and control how dark to make it. I was also thinking about plastidipping the rest of the headlight black or gunmetal while i had it open.

So does plastidip smoke on inside reflectors sound good?
Should I use plastidip black/gunmetal on the housing while its open?
And... Can I bake open my pre-lci e90 headlights, or should I heatgun it open?

p.s. Call me old school, but I'm also putting in chrome 7507 bulbs to get rid of the orange when not lit.