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Originally Posted by straightcashhomie
Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
I have the same problem in my neighborhood. To make matters worse, they piss/ shit/ squat under my house.
The REAL solution is to catch and spay/neuter release, so the colony either dies off, or moves on. Oh, and make sure none of your neighbors aren't feeding them.
There goes my effn problem. Neighbors love feeding these stupid cats. Are they still on your car every night ?
Not that I noticed, but I'm sure they do. Had a squabble last night- screeching like demons then one goes boom ba boom boom right off the side of my car and down the driveway. Yea I have an asshat neighbor who feeds them.
It's a delicate situation because we get along otherwise really well and she just simply refuses to stop feeding them because she's afraid they'll eat the birds.
What the numbskull fails to realize is they are natural predators by their very nature and will kill a bird despite the fact, just for sport.
The SPCA and animal control will not do anything you have to look up a place like what Petsmart has for cats like a humans for animals type organization.
The others will just tell you here give us a 50 spot and will give you a trap. Assholes.