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Originally Posted by StevenY.
Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335
I have the same problem in my neighborhood. To make matters worse, they piss/ shit/ squat under my house.
The REAL solution is to catch and spay/neuter release, so the colony either dies off, or moves on. Oh, and make sure none of your neighbors aren't feeding them.
Ha, I'm positive someone on my block feeds the cats or something cause it's always the same looking cats on my block. Like you said, they'll kill anything even for fun. I saw this fucker try to kill a squirrel in my backyard and was not giving up until the squirrel got to a part of the phone lines it couldn't get to. Not to mention they always pick to have sex in my backyard.
Hah, my squirrels are ghetto thugs- I saw one nearly rip the face off of one of those ferals the other week. They won't mess with them lol...