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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Hey Nitesh,
Yes that 60/40 is the same I was referring to so interesting, maybe ill try that in 2014 lol. I do have a centre arm rest but as I already bought P5UMLs boot build box at a price hard to resist, I went with that for now.

No harm in experimenting at a later date

I know alot of sound will be lost to vibrations but as long as I can get a deep line bass in the Cabin (doesn't have to be super crisp if you know what I mean) for my daily drive that'll suffice. Ten when ice got some more spare cash ill experiment with IB style.

I'll have it back by mid to end of next week so after that ill just be tinkering around the with the MS-8 settings etc. I have asked the installer to take pics along the way so hopefully that'll be okay.

defo looking foward to seeing the pics and who knows one day if I am near your way if you dont mind demo'ing it to me

I love your interior by the way! Gorgeous tan colour!

Thank you, its a love or hate colour, for me I love it and think pictures do not do it justice
Looking foward to seeing the pictures of the build